Jewellery Design



Five basic circles form the detail of the outline collection.

This collection comes in sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold connection.

The connection is designed to allow the pieces to rotate whilst they are worn.

A smaller version is available in 18ct pink and yellow gold and/or .02 diamonds in the center.

Prices range from £20 to £420.

  • N61: Outlines - necklace

    N61: Four outlines details in sterling silver connected with 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver chain, length 16”.

  • B61: Outlines - bangle

    B61: Bangle in sterling silver.

  • N60: Outlines - necklace

    N60: Full necklace in sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold connection.

  • E62: Outlines - earrings

    E62: Sterling silver post earrings.

  • B62: Outlines - cuff

    B62: Cuff in sterling silver with middle detail in 18ct yellow gold.

  • E65: Outlines - earrings

    E65: Long earrings with 1mm 8ct round wire and detail in sterling silver.